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The Truth is Out There..

This is not the Truth about Life, the Universe and Everything. Neither is this truth about the extraterrestrial 'X files' that is out there. Nor is it the Truth about some layman's doleful life that, when dared, gets intriguing.  This is probably the truth about the Indian State and one of its Estates. This is about how we as a state, are capable of manipulating the truth about what transpired beneath the tables, and between the cables, as well as the The Source could create the all-fooling Matrix. And this is also about how a sect of people called themselves the fearless media, go to the limits of the Source to extricate the Truth. The question is - Is their quest for the Truth ethically and philanthropically justified ?

Consider the recent furore over the breaking news that seems to break every other minute in the assorted news channels. The anti-corruption wave that has swept the country and the consequent actions/reactions/inaction by the state has brought many camoufla…

Queen of Sciences?

Yes, it is Mathematics. I am pretty sure that to the astute reader of this blog, this mathematically  knotty question of 'What is' the 'queen of sciences' is a no-brainer. How about 'whosaidit'. That's Gauss. That wasn't bumpy either. And now field this - Why did this great German mathematician call it the 'Queen' but not the 'King' of Sciences? Or why not 'Father' of Sciences? Well, am aware of many such conflicting phrases and sobriquets that extol one gender against the other(you don't have to spin-doctor against me), but not all of them have the same grounds of explanation. So what is the  plausible elucidation to the original question in specific reference to the context of Sciences?

I do not know the correct answer. And I cannot possibly find out from Gauss either. Maybe he liked women in a good sense.Maybe not. Whatever it is, this peek into the transcript of a letter that he once wrote to a prominent French female  ma…

Family Doctor

Are you someone who takes some common pills for common-cold? Do you love to look more feverish than fever itself when you have one and flaunt your flu? Do you atone your once-in-a-while restaurant sins  with 'Digene' or 'Eno'? Or are you someone who does not prefer those extraneous  antibodies and depend on your own body to corroborate its internal police force and resurrect itself during those "minor, 'mostly harmless' injuries" ? - Or maybe, one of  those 'home-made organic medicine' lovers. You could be one of these categories, or a few of these, or even none, and yet, there are fair chances that you would have had a family doctor, for atleast a while..

A family doctor is not that just that  doctor at the clinic in the corner of the road who treats your occasional childhood wounds. He (or she) is someone who you grow up with, someone whom you can talk to about your favorite cricket player or your most-hated school teacher, as he checks your…

Pretty Woman

Its International Women's Day. Frankly, until last year, I hadn't found the logical grounds of celebrating "Women's Day". I mean, what were we supposed to celebrate? Womanhood? And what does it actually mean? Celebrating the biological characteristics associated with the gender or the sociological fashion quotient or the political cry for equality? I had always considered myself to be an impartisan specimen of the race, rather than a tendency towards my gender emancipation. One of the good things about growing up is that what seemed incomprehensible becomes less fuzzy and likewise the contrary. I grew up..

Don't get me wrong, it is not that now, I want to celebrate Woman's Emancipation or Equality or cheer-lead the Women's Reservation Bill. I have no reason to do so. It is just that these days, I sense the essence of womanhood better. I can comprehend the whys and wherefores for celebrating womanhood - its quite irrational a rationale, for the woman …

Logically Emotional - A Eulogy

I've never completely comprehended what the sixth sense means, despite belonging to a species that is widely acclaimed to possess it. Is it the ability to "think" or the sense to emote or a sub-conscious prowess to interpret the mystic, not so obvious thing or is it nothing at all?? In any case, the human species is quite capable of all these, manifest in different degrees in different specimens. There are humans who are more logical and there are those poor emotional creatures, who react and not respond, and there are those salvaged souls who supposedly connect with their "inner selves". For a healthy mental state, one would do well to adopt a melange of all these variants of the sixth sense, in the right proportions.
Quite often, the brain is associated with thought, while the heart is associated with emotions. I don't think I need to provide examples to illustrate that, there are far too many movie dialogues than there are IEEE papers to counter them. The…