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Pretty Woman

Its International Women's Day. Frankly, until last year, I hadn't found the logical grounds of celebrating "Women's Day". I mean, what were we supposed to celebrate? Womanhood? And what does it actually mean? Celebrating the biological characteristics associated with the gender or the sociological fashion quotient or the political cry for equality? I had always considered myself to be an impartisan specimen of the race, rather than a tendency towards my gender emancipation. One of the good things about growing up is that what seemed incomprehensible becomes less fuzzy and likewise the contrary. I grew up..

Don't get me wrong, it is not that now, I want to celebrate Woman's Emancipation or Equality or cheer-lead the Women's Reservation Bill. I have no reason to do so. It is just that these days, I sense the essence of womanhood better. I can comprehend the whys and wherefores for celebrating womanhood - its quite irrational a rationale, for the woman epitomizes the emotional part of logic. She is the yin of yin-yang philosophy. It is this emotional acumen that helps her pave through the familial maze seamlessly. And the intelligence to discern when to give in and when to stay put that aid in decisions and the vicissitudes of life. Not to mention the ability to multi-manage (or micro-manage) different manageable material at home and workplace..

More often than not, the power of the woman lies in her ability to submit herself. She gets an inscrutable invincible power when she gives in. It is with this power of submission that she has the last laugh.

So who is this pretty woman? Let me try to elucidate..She is the chef of her own kitchen and the mistress of the spices. She is both the warden and angel of the house. She gleefully goes through physical pain, and still stands them - petite and proud. She is a heroine not oft-noticed. Cosmetics accentuate her looks, Kancheevaram and Pashmina adorn her wardrobe. Gold and the stones emblazon her somatic curves, gray matter floods her neural curves in the brain. For generations , the age-old cliched forward about the multi-roles played by the woman from being a daughter to a friend to a wife and then to a mother and parallely a careerist and the tenderness and justice rendered to all the kith and kin involved is usually networked across, during these times. It is still being forwarded every year because, womanhood has stood the test of time. She has made it happen!

There could be quite a few differences between that apple alluring Satan inspired Eve and the modern-day pretty woman of today. And quite a few similarities too. Just like any race or a part of it, women have evolved over time. They have broader views of the society, taller peaks to conquer, and tougher paths to tread. With the right support-system ,her strong will and that emotional acumen in her little grey cells, the pretty woman is set to march on to newer frontiers...with the head firm on her shoulders and heart tied to familial roots.

PS : If you think this blog post is poetically cliched and unwarranted, you should probably grow up too...


A M Radhika said…
Awesome line #1: "It is with this power of submission that she has the last laugh."

Awesome line #2: what seemed incomprehensible becomes less fuzzy and likewise the contrary.
Ram said…
I think celebrating or "observing" Women's Day itself speaks volumes of how much women feel they are not being treated equal however true or false it might be. If there is reasonable equality at the literate level amongst the Bourgeoisie, which I believe there is, this day should not be recognized in the first place.

Women's day is much more desperately needed to be celebrated, recognized or observed at the illiterate/poor levels where unfortunately, there is nothing happening.

No offense to your wonderfully worded post, I cannot just but ignore the irony of Women's Day everytime I read a post regarding it :)
asicengineer said…
To the last sentence, au contraire, this post makes a lot of sense. Whoever has married u has got it made :-)

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