Jun 25, 2008

A Thing of Beauty...

"...Is a Joy For ever...". Am not the most ardent fan of this version of veritas by Keats, Am more fond of - "Beauty is just Skin Deep", but many a time, it is a little Deeper than you may expect, especially if you have frequented a beauty salon. The obscure truth that beauty lies in the twitching and twirling of the brows, waxing and waning of the limbs, thumping and thudding of the body (aka massaging), colouring and camouflaging the hair, becomes blatant, the moment you enter a salon.

Beauty salons are pervasive these days. You can't miss the Godforsaken parlour on your street or the branded salon round the corner. Its just a slight variation in the cost. Or a slighter mutation of species accosting you - the rather indistinguishable petite salon-hosts..The pain is painfully, the same. It is the same body afterall. The question is, is the pain justified? Wasn't Cleopatra far more beautiful (or atleast equally beautiful) than Aishwarya Rai with far fewer salons and artificial dyes around?

Beauty is a rat race today. If you are not a part of it, you are out by default.

I refused to enter a beauty salon for a considerably long time. Raised in a traditional suburb, I was led to believe that lipsticks and mascaras were for those underprivileged creatures who were not bestowed with "natural beauty". Wasn't I one of the "naturally" most beautiful of the race?...And I continued to look quite natural, and normal...until, I succumbed to the rat race as well..

Today, I can't exist without an eyeliner. Perceptibly, my connotations of beauty have undergone mammoth changes. I frequent a salon atleast once a month for the various routines .And I know not of a single female acquaintance who dosen't. And I know quite many male acquaintances who do. Well, it is extremely appreciable that males are learning to endure pain these days, though the pain is largely unwarranted, If only nature had contrived this when it had to choose between the genders for the ultimate endurance........

So, with all the endurance and encumberance, am I beautiful?? Not sure, it is best left to the beholder, (or beerholder, to quote my semantic teammate ). Though I cant help wishing that I had kept my distance from the beauty salons and stayed "naturally normal". It would have saved me a fortune if not anything else..

A thing of beauty is certainly a pain for a while, physical and fiscal, if not a joy for ever..