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Logically Emotional - A Eulogy

I've never completely comprehended what the sixth sense means, despite belonging to a species that is widely acclaimed to possess it. Is it the ability to "think" or the sense to emote or a sub-conscious prowess to interpret the mystic, not so obvious thing or is it nothing at all?? In any case, the human species is quite capable of all these, manifest in different degrees in different specimens. There are humans who are more logical and there are those poor emotional creatures, who react and not respond, and there are those salvaged souls who supposedly connect with their "inner selves". For a healthy mental state, one would do well to adopt a melange of all these variants of the sixth sense, in the right proportions.
Quite often, the brain is associated with thought, while the heart is associated with emotions. I don't think I need to provide examples to illustrate that, there are far too many movie dialogues than there are IEEE papers to counter them. The…