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The Truth is Out There..

This is not the Truth about Life, the Universe and Everything. Neither is this truth about the extraterrestrial 'X files' that is out there. Nor is it the Truth about some layman's doleful life that, when dared, gets intriguing.  This is probably the truth about the Indian State and one of its Estates. This is about how we as a state, are capable of manipulating the truth about what transpired beneath the tables, and between the cables, as well as the The Source could create the all-fooling Matrix. And this is also about how a sect of people called themselves the fearless media, go to the limits of the Source to extricate the Truth. The question is - Is their quest for the Truth ethically and philanthropically justified ?

Consider the recent furore over the breaking news that seems to break every other minute in the assorted news channels. The anti-corruption wave that has swept the country and the consequent actions/reactions/inaction by the state has brought many camouflaged  faces into the much longed limelight and has parallely put many millions of heads into a melanged state of fury, inquisitiveness (over who's next and what's next?), helplessness and probably hopelessness. There has been an overload of not-so-good information making it impossible for the average Indian's brain to process them, making the brains less efficient and completing a vicious circle.
Is this really necessary ?

Does the media really break the breaking news in a quest to bring the crooked to books ? Always ? Or do they have less noble intentions? Money, PR ratings, getting there first, makeup, flashlights, power to influence the votes, gambles with governments or hypnoses with the human minds -  you name it and they got it. Should I surmise that the fourth estate or the television channels let the dirty cats out of the bags just to enlighten or educate the public ? And what use is the information to the common man if he is not vested with powers to act on them? Junk ? And what use is of the information if it causes him distress? Let me know if you know.

Again, don't get me wrong. Am not saying that the corrupt must be let to thrive. The fact that they exist and propagate like malignant beings in the state is a symptom of cancer in the system. Am just imploring the media on the right treatment to root it out. Investigative journalism is truly commendable, but it must be handed over to the right authorities for arbitration. When broken to public in bits and pieces, it just creates a complicated jigsaw puzzle along with some pandemonium. Infact it alerts the wrong-doers to fix their leaks before its too late.

And the ethics of new making and news breaking -  Well, is there any ? If there had been ethics, there would have certainly been some love for the fellow countrymen or the larger mankind. I do not think there is room for any of these values in the news business. They mean business. The cables of the Wikileaks were pretty amusing to say the least. It gave us mere mortals, the true opinions  of the heads of the states, behind the screens, at the cost of their embarrassments. And yet, were they right in leaking the information ethically speaking? To leak or not to leak? That is the question!

There is a lot of hidden truth that mankind has made up - Truth taken to the volcanic mountains lying dormant for years, or to the depths of the Mariana Trench, laying unexplored. I laud the journalists who risk quite a lot to get to those places. But please dear media-men, make sure, your ends are noble enough to justify your means. Please break the right news at the right time in the right way. Democracy has given the fourth estate a few additional powers and sacred responsibilities to shoulder. Please,  have good heads over those shoulders.We are afterall your fellow countrymen and earthlings, I guess it doesn't take much to love us.


Varun Rupela said…
As long as we continue to watch sensationalized news .... they will continue to show more of it to us ....

u r right .... its just a business.

- always wikileak !! why the question
Truly inspired by your writings...even i should write more.

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