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Probability is God!!!

If you agree with this rather audacious claim, then you are either too wise to be reading this blog post or, you have probably read God's Debris and with the wisdom of common sense, you are willing to ponder about this statement, and its equally contentious converse - God is Probability!!!

I am, as you may have guessed with my previous posts, not too wise. I happened to read God's Debris, and I happen to be common-sensical , and I coined these propositions. Here is the inductional hypothetical base upon which I try to prove these..

Probability is based on the law of averages. The probability of getting a head while tossing a coin is (1/2). Does it mean that when you toss a coin twice, you are guaranteed to get head once and a tail once? Not really!!! It means that when you toss a coin 100 times, you are likely to get heads 50 times and tails 50 times, and when you toss the same Godforbidden coin 1000 times, you are more likely to get heads 500 times and tails 500 times. Probability tends to become an eventuality in the average case..Life's like that... It's a probability distribution...You can just maxmize the expectation of an event in life, you can never assure the outcome of any sporadic event.

Another interesting hypothesis in the book is the parallel drawn between the Normal distribution curve and Creation. Why is that a few folks are more intelligent than a few others? They are simply normalized to be smarter, they just happen to fall in the middle ranges of the curve, some are normalized to be dumb, they are toward the curve's minima. Intelligence, color of your skin, shape of your nose, length of your fingers, span of your life, every damn thing that is created is normalized. You could in some cases (not all), influence the probability the way you want by maximizing or minimizing it, but cannot control it..

So where does God come into this probability-creation theory? Well, God is often associated with the initial Big Bang energy that created the Universe. So it looks like that cosmic energy or God as I would like to call it , had a copy of Guassian Bell curve, while creating the Universe and its life forms, and continues to do that. So God did play dice with the Universe!!

Another stupendous corollary to reinforce the above hypothesis is that events in life are normalized as well. You are normalized to be lucky...You are bound to be lucky at times, and bound to be unlucky at certain other times...And isn't Luck synonymous with God? We pray for good luck and we pray to God to bestow good effect, when you pray, you maximize the expectation of an event's outcome...So, there is a transitive relation between Luck, Creation, Probability and God ...and an equivalence relation between God and Probability...

Hence Proved!!!
Probability is God and God is Probability!!!


Ashutosh said…
God is faith ... sometimes its best if "hence proved" way of doing things can be left out of faith and belief
Lalitha said…
Probability is practical thinking
(I get up late today, I have 0.5 probability of catching or missing my bus)
God is wishful thinking
(oh God, please make my bus come late today)
prakash said…
Hey Nithya! If you want more people to read and understand your blog, try not to use words that many people may not understand. I don't see any use of such words unless you really want to show off that you have some sort of Phd in english literature. :)

Here are some of the words from your article that may require dictionary :
audacious, contentious converse, inductional hypothetical base, simply normalized to be smarter, toward the curve's minima, copy of Guassian Bell curve, Another stupendous corollary.
Vihang Pathak said…
well probability is a human way of proving the possibility of things.
Does that mean God is probability. may be may be not, not getting into that hypothetical scenario, I would say, Life is Beautiful and its the very uncertainity(or rather probability) that makes it so.

If everything was monotonous, or certain, things wont be enjoyed :-)
Without getting into the mathematical glibness of the "proved" theorem, I would like to think of God as someone who can take care of things without restricting Himself or Herself, as the case may be, to a human being's view of the world or the universe :)
Venkat said…
You or the book you read may equate God to Probability.. but I think you can try to find out more information since God interpreted in many ways, as you cannot compile him.
Lakshmi said…
Probability is not God. I dont even know whether they are in the same plane as to be worth making a comparison.
Probability is a mathematical acknowledgement that future cannot be predicted. It is similar to astrology. Astrology only predicts that something can happen, as does Probability. No astrologer will dare to commit himself to certainity.
Interestingly, those who believe completely in God do not even seek astrology's help to help them out during crisis situations.
God is faith and faith is certainity.
My explanation may be a bit muddled, but here is what it is. God is certainity while probability is uncertainity.
Anonymous said…
Awesome!!you are the next Jumpa Lahari waiting to be discovered, what with your killer looks and oh so charming writing style its a pity that you are a Java programmer.You puliyar is really cruel to you !!! You must be either walking the runways of Paris and Milan or globe trotting as an author!!!!Great!!! Keep going!!!!
Girish said…
Great writing Nithya!

I for one, cannot lay my finger on something I do not know. My probability of being vague is very high :))
GREAT writing style, NIthya!! Wow, I just loved this blog of yours :)
asicengineer said…
hmm, after reading ur post, i was reminded of a quote i read sometime back. "Sometimes we don't really know how lucky we are and realize that only in hindsight". Sorta reiterates the point that whatever happened, happened for the good.

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